Trumpet Gossip 2016

As you are all well aware, the trumpet section of IC (or indeed any) big band contains only the most serious and dedicated musicians. Therefore there wouldn’t be that much to gossip about in our section, were we not gifted with the existence of Jake Bulmer. This fine young specimen boasts many talents, including the ability to “destroy a tube of Pringles,” get through a difficult degree despite being a northerner, and (sometimes) play the trumpet well.

It is due to these talents that he has managed to court the wonderful Issie, and they have made quite the power couple: helping to host such events as the housecrawl – a relatively uneventful night for our section as I (don’t) remember, resulting in only three pregnancies, four stolen souls (thanks Matt) and one casualty… RIP Steph. This was a record few on a night where Jake is present.

In other news, we haven’t seen much of Lorna recently – presumably due to altitude sickness from spending time with Julian, though she did make a contribution recently to our section group chat:

Lorna's Contribution

And finally, Miguel is an absolute legend and is responsible for literally everything good about the trumpet section, and has certainly never done anything embarrassing or uncool since joining the band.

Note: All of the above information is undeniably true.

Published on behalf of Miguel Nava, fresher trumpet, and the rest of the section.

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