Gig Review: ArtsFest Queen’s Tower Special 2016

The ArtsFest Queen’s Tower gig is a regular event on the IC Big Band calendar, and always proves to be a good time. This year, rather than playing from the balcony, we were under the tower: up close and personal. The Tuesday farmers’ market was bustling as usual, sending some wonderful smells wafting our way. Students were milling around, grabbing a delicious bite to eat and listening to the feel good jazzy tunes. What better way to spend a lunch break?

We started the gig with the classic Sunny Side of the Street to set the mood, and soon had a sizeable audience gathered out on the lawn. We played a few more instrumental charts including Chick Corea’s “Spain” and my personal favorite, “Hay Burner”. We then brought on one of our talented vocalists, Catherine for the finger-snappin’ goodness of “Fever”. The audience seemed to really be enjoying themselves, with one enthusiastic dancer even coming to the front to show off his moves! It’s what ArtsFest is all about really; bringing people together for a good time with music and other entertainment. We rounded off the set with a groovy arrangement of Stevie Wonder’s “I Wish” (accompanied by more impromptu choreography from the audience). I mean, who wouldn’t dance to that! All in all it was a great gig for both audience and band members. Can’t wait for next year!

Published on behalf of Lorna Barron, lead trumpet, B band.

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