Chair’s Report 2016

It’s October again, which makes it a complete 12 months since my first post on here, when my year as Chair was just beginning. It’s been a whirlwind of a year and – as you’ve hopefully seen – we packed a lot in. I thought I’d just take a couple of minutes to look back and nostalgically reflect before saying my final farewell!

We’ve had a pretty successful year, by a few different measures. We’ve gotten out and gigged a fair bit, many times playing at new venues for the first time. We’ve expanded our repertoire, jazzed up (lol) our online presence, and as far as I’m concerned snacked on much better biscuits during rehearsal breaks than in the year previous. Oh, and in case you missed it, Issie took us on an epic tour to all corners of the U.K. These are just a few examples that demonstrate how awesome the committee have been this year. I’d be lost (in actual fact probably re-sitting my final year right now) without them.

Chocolate covered or not, there’s more to big band than hobnobs (even though there is a massive one in the trumpet section – naming no names, but he plays first and isn’t a medic). I love jazz, and I love hitting things (with incredible feel and rhythm), but neither of which are the real reason I’ve kept coming back to big band each week for the last four years. Learn from my mistake and grab your tissues now before reading on. Big band is family. We’re an eclectic bunch that come together from all over the place, where each person plays his part in defining ICBB. As Issie said in her tour report, you never leave the big band family, but I sure as hell will miss the regular times together.

Shortly after tour I handed over to Simon who, with the new committee, is sure to take the band on to new heights. I’m sad to not be a part of it, but I can’t wait to see and hear about what unfolds over the next 12 months. Good luck to all those in the band for this year!

A final thanks to my committee, the bands of the past year, and our brilliant director Sam for making this year a damn good one. I’m off to figure out this “real world” thing…

Published on behalf of Tom Burnell, Chair 2015-16

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