Sax Gossip 2015

Saxophone players are noble individuals who, ordinarily, do not take part in idle gossip. However, we thought we could make an exception just this once to bring the fans an inside look into the scandalous big band life*. You’re welcome.

Firstly, it is a delight to bring you some good news from our own fine section. Adam and Barry’s relationship is still going strong, blossoming over 3 years to the zenith it is today. This success is more than likely due to Adam’s excellent ginger beard. Long may it continue.

In classic gossip girl style (ish), we’ve put together a ‘spotted’ section to keep you up to date with what happens in between the glorious IC Big Band gigs. This term, we’ve spotted:

  • Charlie, fingering his horn behind the music stands.
  • Matt and Patrick practising their tonguing technique after rehearsals, wishing they were the actual trumpet power couple (#Lulian).
  • Tom, our dedicated chair, working hard to improve his wrist action.
  • Rosemary, doing some boning in a dark corner of the cupboard.
  • Most importantly, the whole band making sweet, sweet music. Always.

All our love

Noel (Joel)


*the people mentioned in this article are real, everything else may or may not be absolute nonsense.

Published on behalf of Liv Brown, tenor sax, and the rest of the section.

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