Rookie Review: The Band 2015

From getting a first taste of the band in metric during freshers week, to the recent gig at Westfield, being in big band has been great fun so far.

General consensus was that auditions were mostly a nerve-wracking process and despite the panel’s best efforts to not scare the innocent freshers, this was not always achieved. Nevertheless, this initial fear was soon overcome at the first rehearsal through the medium of beer-pong.

As granddad big band said, rehearsals provide a great environment for physics problem sheets. Rehearsals every week are intense and coming across new charts is definitely challenging. The standard is always high, even when some charts are being sight-read. Although many freshers were at first not used to such high standard, we are gradually getting used to it as time goes on.

There are three new members of the saxophone section, each playing alto, tenor and baritone. Highlights so far include some solid solos and channelling their inner Mariah Carey during a recent performance of ‘All I Want for Christmas (Is IC Big Band)’.
By far the most important event in the rhythm section so far has been the arrival of a shiny new keyboard. This caused great excitement as people gathered round to play with the various effects and create some ‘unique’ synth sounds. Playing with the close-knit group in this section has been challenging but fun and I have definitely learnt a lot already.

For the freshers, the first gig in the band came on a cold and wet Saturday at Westfield shopping centre. Initial worries of the set being too cheesy and too Christmas-heavy soon vanished as we were greeted by the sight of sparkling baubles on roller-skates. Despite the less than tropical weather, the freshers thoroughly enjoyed playing and all agreed it was a great first taste of gigging with the band.

Bring on the Christmas gig on the 10th!

Published on behalf of Leonard Budd, fresher keys, and Kevin Kang, fresher alto sax.

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