New Website

Welcome to our new website! We thought it was time for an update, so here we are – lighter, brighter, quicker and easier to navigate, use and share what’s going on. We’ve tried to cram the site with useful information and contacts for any aspect of IC Big Band life.

The next year is going to see us release some really exciting PR – from some fantastic photo sets through to video promo, souped up graphics, gig reviews, sectional gossip columns, fresher feedback and even (possibly) (hopefully) a live YouTube stream of at least one of our Metric gigs! (omg, I’m so excited!)

A massive part of this effort is our new and improved social media strategy – I’m going to be posting/videoing/photographing/designing/sharing something everyday, so if you’re interested in Jazz in and around London, and you want to come down to some free IC Big Band gigs, get following/liking/sharing/watching and get involved!

If you’ve got any suggestions for stuff you think is share-worthy, let me know!

IC Big Band love!