Gig Review: Freshers’ 2016

As part of Imperial College’s “Welcome Week”, which takes place in the first week of each academic year, IC Big Band annually performs a gig for the freshers. This year was no exception; on Thursday 6th October we brushed the dust off our music after a long summer apart and headed over to Imperial’s swankiest club, Metric.

Fortunately for us, many freshers had clearly not yet realised that nobody actually ever goes to the Union apart from on Wednesdays. Some excellent PR work (a.k.a. shouting) from our PR manager Matt enticed some extra freshers from the busy neighbouring bar into the crowd, getting the gig off to a flying start. (If anyone has a spare megaphone they are willing to donate to the band for future PR stunts, please get in contact…)

By the end of the night the crowd was dancing, the beer was flowing and the freshers were loving it. Highlights were the mayhem of “Moanin’”, the groove of “Critical Mass” and the sweet sound of “The Way You Look Tonight”. Just imagine how great it would have been if there had been time to rehearse!

Sadly it was the last gig for many valued members of the band. Issie, Tom, Julian, Wally, Cat and Alex we take our hats off to you – the band won’t be the same without you.

Published on behalf of Charlie Millard, 2016-17 Gig Manager, another general saxy thing.

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