Chair’s Pre-Term Titillations 2016

Hey, I’m Simon, and I’ve got the great pleasure of chairing IC Big Band this year, and being the first to welcome you all to a new year of wonderful music!

If you’re new around here (or you’ve been living under a rock), IC Big Band is the epicentre of jazz at Imperial, celebrating the great sounds of jazz, blues, funk and everything else in between since anyone can remember, and we’d love you to be a part of it this year!

We play tonnes of gigs throughout the year, around Imperial and across London. Our first performance of the year is our annual Freshers Gig on Thursday 6th October – find out more here and we’ll see you there!

And, if you’re a keen musician of the jazz variety, we will very shortly be auditioning for new members! We’ve said a sad goodbye to several leavers, but every cloud has a silver lining – we’re super excited to meet the new generation of musicians and welcoming new ideas and personalities to our group. Find us at the Freshers’ Fair or drop Len an email to find out more about auditions and we’ll look forward to meeting you!

Published on behalf of Simon Warder, 2016-17 Chair, general saxy thing.

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