Chair’s Pre-Term Titillations 2015

It’s October, the amazing British summer (ha!) is steadily fading, and one of the most expensive postcodes in the country is about to become home to an influx of young, excited and hugely talented students. All of this can only mean one thing: IC Big Band are gearing up for another year of blowing your minds, and their horns!

Let me introduce myself: I’m Tom, a fourth-year Computer Scientist, drummer in – and for this year Chair of – IC Big Band. I’ve been “hitting things” in the band since I arrived at Imperial College in September 2012, and have been lucky enough to enjoy three years of playing alongside quality musicians, under the directorship of some extremely gifted and creative directors, in a band driven by dedicated and ambitious committees. I’m super excited to be taking the lead in pushing us forward this year, and welcome you all to get involved in one way or another.

First things first: I can’t wait to introduce new members to the band! We recruit annually at the start of Autumn term, and this year will be no different. We may have just said goodbye to the newly graduated musicians in the band, but experience reassures me that we don’t have to worry about finding strong players again this year! These empty seats aren’t just vacancies that need filling though; they’re an exciting opportunity for new members to enrich our sound with yet more individuality and creativity, and to further diversify our big band family. If you’re at all keen to join us as a player, I urge you to audition! We’d love to meet you and hear you play. Find us at the Freshers’ Fair, or drop Steph, our secretary an email.

Next, gigs. Many of my IC Big Band highlights are being on stage, playing some awesome tunes to electric audiences. And this year we’re only going to have more of these moments! With two bands you can expect to see ICBB around the city at various jazz clubs and bars, band competitions and of course your favourite Imperial College and Union venues. And we promise to always keep you in the loop; follow us/like us/subscribe/whatever, and we’ll see you there.

Finally, I’m stoked to have a really great, ambitious committee around me. From a shiny brand new website, ambitious tour plans, to some awesome socials (who doesn’t love organised fun?) and a whole load in between, you can expect to see us growing in every direction.

Looking forward to having you join us, in one way or another.


Published on behalf of Tom Burnell, Chair 2015-16

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